Losing Hair?

Though hair loss is a common problem, many people don’t like to talk about it or are embarrassed to do so. However, many people experience hair loss and hair thinning, especially as they get older. Women see hair loss as well. 40% of Americans who experience hair loss are female!

Hormones and genetics can play a huge role in losing hair, but there are other factors that can be a factor. Diet, stress, hairstyles, general health, and of course, things like trichtillomania, can change the way your hair grows. Stress, for example, can wreak havoc on your hormone levels and affect your hair. It can also change the way our body absorbs nugtrients.

It may not be as obvious, but wearing your hair in certain styles can greatly affect hair loss. Tight ponytailes may cause a receding hairline. Constantly using heating on your hair can also damage your hair and cause breakage. Even if you love to wear your hair in a sleek, tight ponytail, or curl your locks, it’s important to give your hair a break.

Diet is a fairly obvious thing to look at when considering recent hair loss. A poor diet will not provide the right nutrients for proper hair growth. Specifically, a diet poor in iron can cause hair loss. When growing hair out, iron is especially important because it helps anchor the hair. Without sufficent iron, the hair will fall out before it normally would, leaving your with hair that doesn’t seem to want to grow. To combat this, it is necessary to up your iron intake, which could include taking a supplement and eating things like red meat and green, leafy vegetables. Adding vitamin C is helpful when trying to help your body absorb more iron as well.

So you’re doing everything right and still experiencing hair loss. At Shear Bliss, we are sensitive to this struggle! We are non judmental and have seen it all before! We also carry clip in hair toppers if you’d like to enhance your look. Book your appointment with confidence, and we will help you take care of your hair.

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