Shorter for Summer?


Need a reason to cut off your hair for the hot summer days in Virginia Beach? You can buck the trend of ultra long hair for summer, and just cut it all off! Need some reasons why getting a short haircut is where it’s at? No problem. We’ve got a list handy!

1) Cutting your hair is exciting! This one is not exactly logical, but there’s something thrilling about a change and a fresh start! Making that hair appointment can make your heart beat a little bit faster and allow you to daydream about your fun new look. You know you want the thrill of the change!

2) It can change your overall look in a positive way. Haircuts that aren’t too short or too long can make you look more youthful and even taller!

3) It’s cooler and less hassle in the summer heat. Have you ever sweated under a long mountain of hair flowing down your back? A shorter cut will help you beat the summer heat while keeping you looking fresh and on trend.

4) You’ll get rid of unhealthy hair. Have you ever felt like you need a blank slate? If you cut your hair off, you’ll be ready for a new adventure, so to speak. People with fine hair especially can benefit from a cut, as the ends of the hair can look stringy.

5) Shorter hair can be low maintenance, especially if you choose a cut that doesn’t require much styling. It’s basically wash and wear hair, and perfect for the beach.

6) It’ll grow back. Even if you don’t end up loving your shorter ‘do, it’ll eventually grow out and you can start anew!

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