Going Grey!!!

Grey has become a fashion color these days! Many young ladies are going to hair salons, requesting a silvery color that would otherwise take years to achieve. That’s a fun change of pace, but leaves you wondering: Why does it tale so long to go grey and what really happens when you begin seeing those silvery strands peek through?

Many of us have heard that melanin is the reason behind the color in our skin, hair and eyes. It’s responsible for the color of our natural hair, and begins its magic in utero. Melanin production slows down over the years, however. It often begins in your 30s, but genetics are responsible for ultimately determining when production slows down. You should look to your family members to get an idea of when you may start seeing grey. Men typically see grey before women. Also, Caucasians are more likely to see greys sooner than any other ethnicity. These greys will likely start showing up around the front of your head, around your temples. Lifetstyle can also affect when you’ll go grey and how much you’ll end up getting. Smoking, stress, and poor diet can bring them forth sooner than anticipated. Additionally, certain health issues can cause grey hair.

We’ve already discussed the plucking of grey hair on our blog, so we know it’s not the best choice. We also know plucking the greys won’t make two more appear. As always, we recommend a visit to Shear Bliss to cover those greys if you’re in the Virginia Beach area! However, you always have the option to let them sparkle and enjoy the free hair tinsel!


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