Super Short vs Super Long- What’s the Trend?

We are vacillating between declaring what the 2017 trend is going to be. On one hand, extremely long, 70’s style hair is increasingly popular. On the other hand, we’ve been seeing some very short (even buzzed!) hair on ladies. Maybe it will be a tie and if you’d like to follow a trend, you can pick the one that best suits you! Let’s explore.

Super long hair is not a trend you can usually jump on immediately. This is especially not the case with the ultra long, waist length mermaid hair we’ve seen lately. We’ve been seeing celebrities using extensions or wigs to get the desired length and volume. Celebrities with super long hair include Blake Lively, Taylor Momsen, and Selena Gomez. If your hair is in need of some length, fear not! We offer luxury hair toppers at Shear Bliss to help you add length and volume to your hair! If you’d rather work with what you’ve got, we can help you grow with deep conditioning treatments, hair shots, and regular trims.

The interestingly labeled micro-short haircuts have been popular with celebrities, including Zoe Kravitz, Halsey and Kristen Stewart. Cara Delevingne shaved off all of her hair recently as well, but she did so for a movie role. Other celebs rocking short (but not buzzed) hair include Katy Perry, Michelle Williams, and Emma Watson. They are low maintenance when it comes to styling, unless you have a more complicated haircut, but higher maintenance when it comes to haircuts. If you want to maintain a shorter cut, expect to spend more time at the salon.

Whether you’re ready to grow or go micro-short, we’re available for all of your hair needs! Give us a call or book online!


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