To Pluck or Not to Pluck a Gray Hair

Is the myth true? Does pulling out a strand of gray hair cause two gray hairs to grow in its place? You can rest easy because this is a complete falsehood. Pulling one hair out won’t create new follicles, so two new gray hairs isn’t possible. If you are noticing grays after plucking a few, it is because you are going gray, not because of the bad habit. It’s also possible for the gray hair to change color when it comes back after it has been plucked. Still, pulling out the gray hair is a very bad idea. The follicle can be damaged by doing this repeatedly, causing your hair to thin out. You can also end up with an ingrown hair, infection, or scarring. The best solution for unwanted gray hair is a visit to the hair salon. You may choose to cover your hair with a dye specifically designed to fully mask gray. However, this may leave a harsher line of demarcation showing exactly where your natural color starts and your hair dye stops. To avoid this type of upkeep, you may also choose to blend it more naturally with a color gloss, which will help create a softer fade. This option provides less coverage for the gray hair. Choosing a coverage method is a personal decision, and you should choose what works best for you.
We would be happy to assist you with blending or completely covering any gray you may be getting. We also assist men with their gray coverage as well! We can be reached via phone at 757-412-4443 or online at this website. Online booking is available!

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