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When you go to the salon to update your look, probably the last thing you want to do is come out looking older or dated. The wrong haircut or hair habits can do both of those things, however. To keep your hair looking fabulous and vibrant, we have some tips for the salon and at home.

Very long hair can be aging. Long hair can be very youthful, but if your hair goes past your rib cage, it could potentially look unkempt and make you look older than you are. Also, without having any layers in very long hair, the youthful movement in your hair is diminished.

Extremely straight hair can make a face look longer and thinner, which may be the opposite of the look you’re going for. Adding some volume and movement will take years off a stick straight ‘do. On the other end of the scale, extremely teased hair is very dated.

Overdoing it on hair product can be an issue. If you use too much product, you may end up with build up that can reduce shine and movement and increase frizz. If your hair is becoming unmanageable and you’ve got a drawer full of products, it may be time to clarify your hair and start scaling back. Using only what is necessary will go a long way!

Hair that is too dark or too light for a skin tone is not flattering for anyone and can be extremely aging. Someone with very fair skin, for example, may have a hard time pulling off black. Attempting to do so can potentially add years. Hair that is too light or ashy can make skin look sallow. Warmer blondes can have a more youthful appearance. Though the ashy blonde look is in, honey blonde may be the best bet when looking younger is the goal.

Dry, brittle hair can be aging but also come with age. Getting regular haircuts can keep hair in tip top shape! Also, regular deep conditioners can keep hair silky and shiny. Using professional, sulfate-free products can be useful when you’re attempting to not strip the hair of moisture and color.

Not updating your look can add years to your look. If you’ve had the same cut for many years, chances are it is dated and there’s a fun way to make it feel fresh and alive again! We’re ready to help you find the right cut and style at Shear Bliss. To make an appointment, call us at 757-412-4443 or book online anytime!

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