How to Tell When it’s Time for a Haircut


Even if you love your long hair, regular haircuts are necessary to maintain the health of your hair. If you don’t schedule your haircuts every six to twelve weeks, you may be wondering how you can tell it’s time for a trim. We have some tips to keep you on the lookout!

A great way to see if you need a cut is to look for split ends and see-through ends. If the ends of your hair are splitting or more see-through than the rest of your hair, it’s time to let the offenders go. It’s important to get your split ends trimmed because they can damage more than just the end of your hair; they can split all the way up the hair shaft.

If your hair is falling flat, it could be time for a cut. Many people have fine hair that is naturally a little flatter, but if your hair has changed recently, you should visit your salon. You may also be using more product than normal, and that is a telltale sign.

If you need a cut and have color on your hair, it’s likely to fade more quickly. Balayage is popular right now, so the ends of hair are taking a lot more damage than normal for many people. If your colors are fading faster, you may be due for a cut.

Have you noticed more knots and tangles in your hair recently? Head to your salon because this is a sign your hair needs to be whipped into shape.

Maybe you’re just sick of your current style. That is definitely a good reason to get a haircut. Nothing makes you feel fresher than a new hairstyle! Look up some photos of styles you like and take them to your stylist. As always, we are taking new clients and would love to help you maintain your locks!

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