How to Grow Your Hair Out Gracefully

Your short haircut had a good run, but now you’re ready for some length! It’s not a short or easy process; there is a good amount of commitment involved if you want to grow your natural hair. We have some tips for you, however, to get you through the various stages.

First, the decision needs to be made. Choose the style you’re going for and make the commitment. Bring a photo of your ideal hair to your stylist and explain what you’re going for. You’ll still need trims, but your stylist will understand that you are working on growth.

If you’re working with something very short, regular trims will be important, as it can keep it from looking too awkward. Having long bangs but trimming the back into even layers can be helpful. When growing out the bangs, going for the side swept look can be a great look for the in-between stages. Changing your part can also be helpful for camouflaging an unattractive stage.

Your best bet for getting through the stressful stages will be cute hair accessories! You may be tempted to pick up the scissors yourself at some points. Fear not! If you only wear your hair with a headband for a few weeks, it’s better than starting over. Go online or to the mall to pick up some cute clips, headbands, and hair ties. If you are feeling terribly itchy, it can also be helpful to change up your color and talk to your stylist about new ways to style your hair while you reach your goal.

If your hair is long enough, you may be able to wear extensions! You can either have something such as i-tips installed at a salon, or you can pick up some clip-in extensions yourself and wear them when you feel like changing up your look. The other option is a hair topper, which is similar to a wig but clips to the top of your hair instead of covering everything.

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