The Ecaille Trend

The ecaille trend is the latest and greatest in hair color. Ecaille means “tortoise shell” in French, and is going to be big for the summer! It’s nice to see an alternative to the omnipresent hue-of-the-moment bronde and the foils that you usually see. How do you pronounce ecaille? E-ka-ye! Similar to tiger’s eye, the tortoise shell color includes golden blondes, rich brows, and delicious caramels. Everyone can have their own take on ecaille, depending on what particular blend you’d like for your hair. Let your stylist know if you’d like to see more blonde or browns for your own ecaille look. Your stylist can use the balayage technique to get the perfect, natural placement with the tortoiseshell colors. With this technique, all colors are custom, and no ecaille should be exactly the same! A photo of the ecaille color you would like to emulate would be helpful when designing your own look.

Like ombres, ecaille, is not high maintenance, but it also is not as high contrast, leaving you with a beautiful, natural-looking swirl of colors. The root is generally darker, like an ombre, so touch-ups every three to four months are par for the course with this new trend. In order to keep your color fresh, washing every other day is recommended, as are sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Technically, you can get your color done in June and be done with it for the rest of the summer. However, if you’d like to freshen up without re-doing your entire color, you can stop by the salon for a gloss. If you’d like a bolder look, with more color at the root, your ecaille color will be higher maintenance. Discuss what you would like to achieve with your color with your stylist before you begin coloring. Again, a picture is helpful to the stylist!

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