Air Drying Your Hair

Air drying hair can seem like a roll of the dice, and best left to days spent at home. However, when you’re running late on Monday morning, air drying your hair suddenly starts to sound like a good idea. Don’t leave it to chance; follow a few tips and end up with a great style, even on your most hectic day!

After drying your hair with preferably a microfiber towel, it’s a good idea to start with moisture! Many hair types, even fine ones, can get frizzy if air dried. Leave in conditioner can help achieve this goal. At Shear Bliss, we recommend Miracle Creator for this task. Use a wide-tooth comb to eliminate any knots or tangles. Not keeping your hair in its natural part is an important step as well, as you will end up with more volume.

To get beachy, tousled waves, put your hair in a a couple loose braids. An hour later, you can undo them and shake them out. To get the most beachy waves, four braids are recommended. To get hair straight when dry, try using a gel before letting dry naturally. To get curls, use mousse and scrunch your hair.

After hair has dried, put velcro rollers at the top, near the root, for some extra volume. Spray them with some hairspray and let sit for a few minutes. Instant volume!

If you have time to prep, wash your hair at night and put your hair in four buns and secure with u-shaped pins. This will give you beautiful, bendy waves in the AM. If you want more ropey waves, you can twist your hair in knots on the top of your head overnight.

For those crazy days, having a few tips in your pocket is a huge bonus. Find a routine that works for you and gain a little bit of extra time and sanity!

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