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Does the perfect haircut exist? If so, how and where do you get it? We can answer the where (Shear Bliss in Virginia Beach, of course!), but as far as choosing the actual style, we have some tips for you before you take the haircut plunge! It may seem simple; you find a haircut and style that you love on your favorite celebrity and you bring it to your stylist. While this may work sometimes, there are other factors to consider when picking your next look. Let’s dive right into them, shall we?
First, we’re going to talk about face shape. You’ve heard it before: find your face shape and you can get the right cut! Well, this is just step one of the equation! You will need to know your face shape before you start. It’s likely you already know what your face shape is, but if you don’t a quick Google search will point you in the right direction. The good news for oval shaped faces is that you will look great in just about every style! For the rest, we have some recommendations.
A square shaped face looks great with long hair. Long and straight or long and wavy both look great on someone with a square jawline. Longer bobs or shoulder length cuts are also a great choice if long hair is too much maintenance. A thinned-out bob or tousled shag would be great picks when a shorter cut is desired. Thick, blunt bangs or side swept bangs are the best bang options for the square face. The average blunt bangs are not the ideal choice.
Round faces generally want to appear less round. Long hair is a good start for this shape because it helps elongate the face. You may want to stick with hair that is longer than chin length. If you really want a short ‘do, make sure the cut includes layers. Side swept bangs are also the ideal choice for a round face. Wearing hair up works very well for round faces, so if you want to sport a ponytail and updo, it will look fabulous.
For the heart-shaped face, a pixie cut looks amazing, if you’re interested in going short! Chin length or long bobs look great with round faces, but long hair works well also. Side swept bangs are the best choice, and blunt bangs should generally be avoided. Many styles look great for those with the heart shaped face, but top-heavy styles should generally be avoided because the trick is to balance out the chin.
Oblong face shapes look best with a shoulder length cut. Gaining volume in the hair is a plus, adding width to the face. The side part is the best choice to add width. All bangs will work with the oblong face shape, so take your pick! Chin-length bobs are a good choice, too, but if you’re looking for long hair, it’s best to add volume or layers to your hair.
Now that we know a little bit about the dos and don’ts of working with your face shape, we’re going to talk about your hair texture! Just when you thought you had everything figured out, we’re here to throw another curveball at you! Here are different types of hair textures: straight, fine, wavy, curly, frizzy, and coarse. You probably know which one you are just by looking at the list. If not, you may want to ask your stylist which category you fall into. Remember, you may fall into a few different categories and that is normal.
First, we’ll discuss fine hair. Fine hair can be washed daily because it’s usually a bit oilier. It tends to be limp and can look stringy or greasy if not maintained. Shorter haircuts are ideal for fine hair because they give the illusion of thickness and volume. You may not be able to have as many layers as some of the other textures, as a blunt cut will preserve the most hair. However, layers placed correctly can help thin hair look thicker. Perms may help fine hair appear more voluminous, but be careful not to cause too much damage. Curly hair does best when it is longer. The length can help weigh it down. Getting lots of layers can help thin it out and keep it under control. Most individuals with curly hair avoid short haircuts, as the hair can end up looking poufy. A lob is also a good choice for curly hair if you’re looking for something between short and long. Wavy hair can be cut short with ease. Wavy hair is versatile and can do different cuts with ease. Coarse hair usually does not need to be washed quite as often. It can look amazing with many different styles and is not quite as restricted as some other hair textures. Too short of a cut may cause a thick head of hair to look wig-like, however. Coarse and frizzy hair tends to need more conditioning or hot oil treatments. So, what can work for everyone? Layers will work for all textures. Also, bangs will work on straight, fine, and coarse hair, but other types can technically have them if they are willing to style them or get the side swept sort. The v-cut is universally a flattering haircut as well. Many of the Victoria’s Secret angels sport the v-cut. You also cannot go wrong when getting a shoulder length cut.
Now that you are armed with some knowledge regarding what will and won’t work with your face shape and hair texture, we invite you to get the perfect haircut. To get your appointment, you can give us a call at 757-412-4443 or book right on this website. If you prefer to stop by, we can schedule your appointment in person. We do take walk-ins, but availability does vary, so we encourage you to schedule your appointment in advance to avoid any waiting. We would also be happy to schedule a free consultation to go over what type of cut (or color!) you are interested in and discuss in person.

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