Why Does Your Hair Get Brassy?

If you’ve lightened your hair, you probably understand the struggle. You leave the salon with a beautiful cool-toned blonde head of hair, only to have it get progressively more yellow and brassy as time goes by. This is so frustrating and a source of frustration for blondes, so why does it happen? What makes your beautiful color go bad, as it were? The culprit lies in your hair. Unless you completely eliminate the melanin in your hair, there will be brassiness underneath your toner or color that will eventually start to show through. You can help combat this, however, and help your blonde go a little longer between appointments. To start, use a good, sulfate free shampoo that won’t strip color or usher in the fading process. At Shear Bliss, we sell shampoo that is designed specifically for color-treated hair. Additionally, you can use purple shampoos that help keep the brass at bay. If you are really struggling with yellow tones between appointments, you can always get another toner for your hair. Let’s keep those blondes beautiful!

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