Let’s Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

We’ve had some very fun and interesting trends for hair accessories! Some we’d rather forget, and others people could still be wearing today! Who can forget the scene in Sex and the City where Carrie argues about whether or not a lady would be caught wearing a scrunchie in public. So, are there any scrunchie lovers out there? We’re going to start the list with them!

Ah, the scrunchie. You could get them in many colors and match them with your outfit. They were fun and fluffy and oh-so-80s (or 90s!)!

The bandana! In the 90s, it was all about the bandana! We saw celebrities wear them, and enjoyed finding the most sparkly and fun colors to go with our outfits!

Gossip Girl inspired headbands! In the early 2000s, Blair Waldorf was all about showing off her adorable headbands. She had a new one every episode, and sometimes multiple headbands in the same episode! We can’t blame her; they were adorable!

Ah, the butterfly clip. Few things seem as 90s as the butterfly hair clip. They could be plastic and multicolored or they could be realistic and feathery. We wore them all and it was fabulous!

Decorative hair combs have been around for centuries. We can’t say exactly when this trend started or when it will end because we’re still seeing very lovely hair combs.

What could be more fantastic than pom pom hair ties? In the 90s, you could pop a fluffy pink pom pom in your hair and feel just like Britney Spears or Cher Horowitz.

There are new hair trends popping up all the time. Which ones will we be laughing at 20 years from now? Which will stand the test of time?

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