The Ion Curiosity

You may have seen products that claim to harness the power of ions for your hair. You are probably wondering, “What the heck is an ion and why do I want anything to do with ions?” That is a good question! An ion is an atom or molecule with a positive or negative electrical charge. The charge can change based on the loss or addition of electrons. Your hair already has areas with charges. If your hair is dry, for instance, you will have a more “positive” area since drier hair will be positively charged. So what do hair products or tools accomplish when using ions? It can be quite a lot, as it would turn out! For example, a hair dryer that uses negative ions will help H2O molecules divide into smaller particles that are able to evaporate more quickly, giving you less time holding the dryer in front of the mirror. An ionic hair straightened is tasked with straightening the hair while giving the user longer-lasting and less damaging results. Even conditioners sometimes claim to use ions. They could use positive ions to attach to the negatively charged ones on your hair, creating more strength for your locks. The goal of most ionic products seem to be drying the hair faster, eliminating frizz, and adding strength. There are many ionic products on the market, and generally they are made using ceramic material, but some are made with tourmaline. Tourmaline generates negative ions when heated, reducing heat damage. It would appear ions have many uses, and can be a great addition to your hair care routine. However, nothing is a substitute for a regular cut when it comes to maintenance! For your haircut and color needs, call Shear Bliss today!

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