Blorange Hair in Virginia Beach

So you’ve been seeing blorange hair all over the web, and if you were wondering where you could get it right here in Virginia Beach, look no more! We are ready to make your blorange dreams come true. But first, some information about this new trend. Georgia May Jagger debuted the color on Instagram, and it has simply taken off! Blorange hair looks like it is taking over rose gold’s place as the new natural-with-a-fantasy-twist. Blorange is a combination of two words: blonde and orange. Not all blorange shades are the same either! You may want to go deep and bright or soft and pastel! You can even come up with your own blorange with your stylist!



This shade looks best on someone with skin that has cool undertones. In order to get blorange, you must first be lightened! This means it could be a step-by-step process for you if you are dark at the moment. Also, blorange hair is a little bit of maintenance. As it is on the fantasy color side, it will fade more quickly than a natural hue. However, less frequent washing and a sulfate-free shampoo will help some with this issue. And if you have fallen in love with the color, a little maintenance will be totally worth it! If you are interested, feel free to schedule a consultation by calling the salon or scheduling one on our website!

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Although walk-ins are welcome, we encourage you to call for an appointment to avoid any waits.

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