Getting Dark Hair Blonde

Like the photo shows, it is not that easy to go from a really dark shade to a really light one. A blonde can go to a salon wanting to come out with a dark hue, and that is far more simple. When someone with dark hair wants to go blonde, it can be more of a step-by-step process. To avoid damaging the hair, it is best this way! If you are dark and want to be light, you may want to start with a consultation. Your stylist will be able to predict about how many visits will be needed to achieve the hue you desire. Expect to go through a red or caramel stage on the way to blonde. This is a normal step for very dark hair! You may want to even schedule some deep conditioners between appointments or use Olaplex during the lightening process to keep your hair as damage free as possible. If you want to go blonde, we want to hear from you! Spring is coming and if you want to celebrate the awesome Virginia Beach weather with lighter hair, let’s start now!

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