Complicated and Beautiful TV Hair

More and more shows are showcasing very complex and uniquely colored hairstyles. They may be difficult to emulate in real life, but we can find real-world solutions to help you channel your inner Daenerys. We have some beautiful TV hair with recommendations for everyday wear!

Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys’s white-blonde hair is achievable for many! It make take several sessions in the chair to get to that pale blonde, but it is possible! Although such a color is high maintenance, it is extremely beautiful and head-turning. We recommend coming in for a consultation before you get started on your Mother of Dragons journet.

Downton Abbey Hair
The short, chic hairstyles on Downton Abbey are fun and easier than others to get right. You can get the Downton Abbey look with finger waves or by simply putting your hair in an updo and putting a glittering, 20s style accessory in your hair. We can do these types of updos for special events or an evening out!

The Vikings star, Lagertha, always has great hair. It is beautifully braided and always unique! This one may be difficult to accomplish yourself! We recommend getting help from a friend or coming to the salon for a one-of-a-kind updo!

Got any other ideas from TV shows or movies? We’d love to help you try them out!

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