Going to Bed with Wet Hair

Is it okay to go to bed with a wet head? Should you really take the extra step to blow it out before hitting the sheets? If at all possible, it is best to NOT go to bed with wet hair, and you decidedly SHOULD take the extra time to dry your hair. The reasoning is simple: your hair is in a compromised state when it is wet. It is more likely to stretch and snap off than when it is dry. Another, less important reason to dry your hair? You’ll almost certainly wake up to a bad hair day if you sleep on it wet. However, if you must sleep on wet hair, you can do it with braids. Your hair will be curly the next day, which will look styled and infinitely better than bedhead. You can also pull it back in a bun or a ponytail and wrap it with a silk scarf. It also would be beneficial to use a silk pillowcase at night, to further prevent damage to your hair.

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