Tiger Eye Hair

Tiger Eye Hair style from Shear Bliss There is a new hair trend that is popping up all over Instagram and on beauty blogs! It is called Tiger Eye Hair! Think of the beautiful tiger eye stone and imagine that as a hair color. It sounds pretty awesome, but looks even more amazing when it’s properly done. In the tiger eye stone, there are beautiful, very warm hues including gold, caramel, deep brown, and bronze.

These are the colors that are used for the hair color. They are applied with the balayage technique, so tiger eye hair can actually be lower maintenance than traditional highlights or lowlights. The maintenance is more along the lines of a traditional balayage or an ombre.

This new trend is really perfect for fall and winter weather and is striking enough for holiday parties and photos. It would be an easy transition for a current brunette, but a very fun makeover for a blonde.


Tiger eye hair can be customized and look different on everyone, so you should speak to your stylist and choose the perfect look for you.

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