I Woke Up Like This

How do you get ready-to-go hair from the jump in the morning? Do you have to wrap your hair in toilet paper like Truvy in Steel Magnolias? Is there an easier way? Granted, perfect hair upon waking up won’t be possible or desirable for everyone (especially those with an oily scalp or those that like to use the shower to help wake up), but for some, it could be an amazing time-saver. We have a few options.

Straightening hair with a flat iron the night before is an excellent option. If you sleep on a silk pillowcase, it will help keep your hair from getting too messed up during the night.

Pinning your hair up in Princess Leia-esque buns will allow you to wake up with soft waves when you take them down in the a.m.

Putting your hair in a sock bun will also result in pretty waves when you wake up.

Separating your hair into sections and braiding it will give you a more crimped look when you undo them in the morning.

Sectioning your hair into four sections and putting it into twisty buns will result in some lovely sunrise waves.

If all else fails, embrace the ponytail or the a.m. shower!

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