Hair loss from a bun? Headaches from a ponytail or extensions?

Yes! You might love your easy, messy bun. You may think that high ponytail is an easy solution for a bad hair day. However, some individuals don’t always have a positive experience with buns, ponytails, and extensions. Many people are affected by the pulling of the nerves which can be aggravated with extensions and ponytails. However, an easy solution is to wear a looser ponytail or kick the extensions to the curb. Buns causing hair loss? Traction alopecia is another problem resulting from something pulling too tightly on hair. If you wear your hair in a tight bun or ponytail, you can experience hair loss over time, especially toward the front of your hair. The result can look similar to that of a man’s receding hairline.

In order to avoid that fate, the advice is the same: keep away from the tight hairstyles.

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