Growing Out Your Bangs

Every once in a while, you’re ready for a change. You may get a haircut, highlights, extensions, or fantasy color. The list is virtually endless. Still, with most hair changes, there is some level of commitment involved. Let’s talk about bangs for a moment. Love them or hate them, many of us have tried them out. And also decided to grow them out. Instead of suffering through the awkward growing out stage, we have a few recommendations for you!

  • 1) Gel them back! You can always sweep back all your hair with gel and get a very sultry Angelina Jolie look.
  • 2) Clip them back toward the center of your scalp. No one will know the difference, and they will be completely out of the way.
  • 3) Part them in the middle. If you are talented and lucky enough, your hair may all blend together.
  • 4) Braid them. You can braid them back or to the side. Either way, your bangs have disappeared!
  • 5) Use a headband. Your choices are endless, and your bangs will be completely out of sight.
  • 6) Embrace the swoop! If you’re at the stage where they are long enough to be brushed to the side, you can enjoy having swoopy bangs for a while.
  • 7) Put the whole thing up in a ponytail and clip back and stray pieces.

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