2016 Hair Trends in Review

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and approach the rest of the holidays, it is a good time now to take a look back on some of the most significant hair trends of 2016. It has been a fun year, filled with a lot of color and challenges. There are some new ideas and also some trends that are remaining from years past.

  • A trend that has held on has been ombre. However, it is fading out and balayage has been taking its place. Many of our clients were requesting a less harsh line between dark and light. Instead, many people wanted a graduate fade into the next color.
  • Tiger Eye hair has been having a moment, and we have seen many photos of warm caramels, chocolates, and reds.
  • Fashion colors are still going strong. In particular, we have had the most requests for bright and fiery reds. Gone are the days where bright colors were rarely seen in the crowd. Many people are taking the leap and having a lot of fun with their hair by adding streaks of pinks and blues or dyeing their hair a fantasy color all over.
  • Rose gold has been a very popular request and we are still choosing just the right shade for each client. Rose gold is not quite a fantasy color, but it is also not quite a found-in-nature color, so it offers something unique to the client.

We’re very excited to see what the next year has to offer, in terms of hair trends. We can’t wait to help you try them out!

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