We are proud to use Olaplex products, which provide insurance for your hair.  Olaplex works by assisting the styling process in avoiding damage caused by dyes while your hair is in a fragile state or if you are changing color shades. This is premium hair chemistry in a bottle: a set of products that multiplies bonds and cross-links broken bonds.

This product is produced and created by some of the world’s leading PHDs in Chemistry and is free of silicone or oils that cause broken bonds. Olaplex is used when coloring your hair to dramatically reduce breakage.

Olaplex is special, as it lets colorists work without worrying about damaging your hair!

Ask your stylist to include Olaplex in your next color session at Shear Bliss Hair Salon and enjoy the same amazing benefits reported by thousands of clients!


Other Products

Mooseberry Products

We offer a variety of Mooseberry handmade soaps! Mooseberry has been a HUGE hit at Shear Bliss!

Our customers enjoy the quality that comes from truly homemade and organic products.

Mooseberry products are made using pure earth clays, natural powders, herbs and spices…providing a real treat and difference you will feel!

Mooseberry Soaps and creams also make wonderful gifts! Mooseberry is tough to find in the Virginia Beach area, so drop in today and enjoy the pleasant aroma the organic shampoos, soaps and other handmade goods provide!

We currently offer:

  • Blackberry Vanilla Handmade Soap
  • Vanilla Bean Handmade Soap
  • Apple Quinoa Handmade Soap
  • Handmade Lipbalm
  • Handmade Sugar Scrubs
  • Handmade Eye cream
  • Handmade Face Cream
  • Mooseberry Lotion
  • Mooseberry Shampoo
  • & Other Mooseberry products

Authentic Jewelry Candles

Official Jewelry candles are here! There are many to choose from of all types, different scents and colors! Looking for a last minute gift? Jewelry candles make amazing, exciting gifts too!

Jewelry Candles are unique and no one knows what treasure is within the bottom of each candle. Each Jewelry Candle yields a different surprise, a necklace, pendant, earings, ring or bracelet is inside! The jewelry at the end of the candle is valued between $10 and $7,500, meaning you can potentially win a $7,500 ring from a single candle!

Find authentic and affordable Jewelry candles locally in Virginia Beach here at Shear Bliss!


I-Tip Real Human Hair Extensions

We offer Donna Bella hair extensions and real human hair extensions. We provide extremely reasonable prices. Starting range is $250.00 for installation (hair ordered separately). Hair extensions that flow and retain 360 degree smooth movement provide the most natural look! Shear Bliss offers and can apply I tip hair extensions, helping you create the long, full flow your hair deserves! Come in today for your free consultation!

Kenra Hair Products

Kenra provides professional, high-performance hair products that can be trusted with all types of hair and looks! Kenra can help you and your stylist unleash your hair’s texture and volume potential!

Matrix Products

Matrix offers healthy hair products that will give your hair its best, most flattering look. Matrix harnesses natural powers present in a wide range of botanicals and herbs for an enchanting experience that will leave your hair healthy and beautiful! Shear Bliss hair stylists proudly use Matrix hair products in Virginia Beach to give you the most satisfying look possible!

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